The Case for Video Games

Please Give it to Me!

I wish I had one case to store every video game. I have so many loose discs lying around and nowhere to put them! I have enough dust coating my games to make a dustman. (It’s something like a snowman except it’s made of dust.)


October 14, 2019 · 6:11 pm

6 responses to “The Case for Video Games

  1. Before I got in the habit of putting my discs back in their cases I used to use old leather CD books that you would normally keep in your car. Worked pretty well and zipping them up usually kept them dust free.

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    • Thanks for the help. To be honest, I mostly wanted to play with words for this post. “The Case for Video Games” could be read as an argument for video games. I wanted the body of the post to be silly, though, and clash with a possibly serious-sounding title.

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  2. These days it’s not too bad as games come in thing plastic cases. Back in the day Nintendo packaged things in cardboard though, which would break. I had so many carts stuffed into a drawer.

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  3. One good thing about games going in an all digital direction… I guess.

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