How Do You Come up with Posts about Video Games?

Is it enough to simply play video games, or do you also need deep reflection?

Do you find yourself inspired to write about video games without even playing them?



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14 responses to “How Do You Come up with Posts about Video Games?

  1. I will personally feel inspired by first playing something new or obscure that I would casually tell my friends about. These casual conversations often form the basis for my own posts. Not sure if it’s the best method but hey!

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  2. Sometimes. It really depends. I may not have enough time to play video games as much as I want, but I’m always doing something gaming each day whether I’m playing a mobile game on a break at work or my favorite thing, watching a streamer or youtuber play! My gaming posts can be reviews or just opinions on things that I’ve read or come across.

    -Luna 🎮

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  3. It depends, again! haha I tend to analyze concepts in games and issues in the gaming community, which takes some time and usually a bit of research, but without playing games, I’d run out of relevant material eventually!

    But there are folks who write about their experiences playing games without the research, etc., that I do, and that’s great, too 🙂 To each gamer (and blogger) their own!

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  4. Lately, and in addition to reviews and such, I’ve been rambling about my progress in big adventure games on my blog. It’s very fun for me, even if I don’t get many views 🙂

    I love writing and I love video games so I really love writing about video games 😀

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  5. I usually find myself pondering potential posts after an epiphany of sorts. That’s why sometimes I end up with nothing to write, and other times I bombard the internet with posts. I’ve found that doing news stuff has made me more focused, though it’s very time consuming.

    Some things are too provocative for me to not write about though. In those cases, I tend to just jump in… After a ton of research, of course.

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  6. I’m not very creative. All my posts are just reviews about what I have played recently.

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  7. I always try to analyse games when I review them. I try to analyse the story of the game (including themes and characterisation), examine the designs of the backgrounds and characters, work out the good and bad parts of the gameplay, describe the atmosphere presented by the game and my personal feelings while playing the game.
    I have only once described a game I have not played. I was reviewing a series of games, but I had not played one game, so I described what I saw after watching YouTube videos of the game and declared that I had not played the game at the beginning of the review.
    How do you write about computer games?

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  8. When I am reading a great book, I like to write down notes. When I am playing a great game, I do the same. I guess it depends on the individual. Personally, I find it meaningful and much satisfaction extracting ideas from games.

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  9. I find playing or hearing about a new game release inspires me! I love reading about games and other fans opinions on them so I thought why not start contributing for fun too 😊

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  10. For me, inspiration sometimes comes from playing games (especially new ones I’ve never played before), listening to video game music or from wondering “What games and characters have influenced my life up to this point,” and then write my feelings around those games and characters.

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  11. I feel an urge to express my views on a game as soon as I have finished a game. However, I write not only to aid buyers and gamers, but also to break the common notion that video games are a curse to our society. I do this not only by emphasizing on the various benefits of gaming, but also by bringing information about the games, and the technical progress that we are making in the industry. You guys should visit my website @

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  12. orcsinpajamas

    Good question. Speaking for myself, playing video games, deep reflection and getting inspired to write about video games without even playing them happens all the time! So a mixture of all. I guess it all depends on what you are writing about. For example, a game review. You must have played the game for a certain amount of time to be able to give a genuine review.
    So, a mixture of all but really depends on what you are writing about related to games!

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  13. I currently write articles about video games not only because I’ve loved them since childhood, but because I think society is kind of confused about how to think of games. Are they good for us? Bad for us? Art? Time-wasters?
    I want to add to the conversation that games can be used for good and for individual self-betterment, even.

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