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A Return to the Subject

“Hey Steve, I was playing this really great video game the other day. I slid down this pipe and entered a strange new world.”

“Yeah, yeah, I want to tell you about my day, man. I went to the market to get ripe tomatoes for my sauce, but can you believe they didn’t have any?! I wandered into the blazing heat, sweat pouring down my face until I nearly I drowned in it, to find provisions.”

“Ah-hem! Steve, can we please return to the subject? I was talking about games.”

“I searched five more stores but… Arrrgh!”

Suddenly — in mid-sentence — Steve started foaming at the mouth and fell over. He had babbled like a brook just fine, but the flow of words had increased and grown into a huge foamy, wave that crested and overpowered him.

“Oh, great! He’s barely conscious. I guess I’m alone with my thoughts again.”


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“I’ve Seen Some Stuff, Man”

“Hey Dad, check out all of these first person shooter games I bought at the store. I love these games so much; I can out shoot all the other players and dominate the map. I can hear them plotting against me through my headphones, but they always fail. I always win!”

“Uh huh. I see, son. I noticed you’ve got a bunch of video games set during historical wars.”

“Yeah, I’ll be knee-deep in the trenches, dodging shells, evading rats and saving the world with the good guys .”

His father let loose a billow of smoke from his pipe and stopped rocking his chair. He furrowed his brow and said, “Are you sure there are ‘good guys’ in war? Who or what are the ‘good guys’ And why should we go to war?”

The adolescent scratched his full head of hair. It was a contrast to the wispy, grey tangle on top of his father’s head.

“Huh? I guess you’ve left me something to think about, Dad. But, anyway, I’m going to play these games until my eyes are sore, and I can’t take anymore.”

The the clock seemed to spin in fast forward mode. The hands of time moved so fast that one could swear sparks were flying in the air. Then the adolescent emerged from his room once more. He appeared as pale and cold as a cup of cream straight from the fridge.

“How did the games go? Did you learn anything?”, asked Dad.

The adolescent was shaking but managed to gibber:

“I – I’ve seen some stuff, man. I went through WWI, WWII and Vietnam in ten hours. I want nothing to do with war — ever!”

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The Video Game That Doesn’t Know Itself

The little video game sat alone on the mahogany shelf. The weight of its own existence felt like a boulder slung across it’s top corners. The weight was multiplied because it never thought to leave its place on the shelf and wonder forwards — until now.

It stumbled during its first few steps as it wandered around the store, staring wide-eyed at the other games. It saw row after row of different genres, such as action, adventure, RPGs and more. It stared at others hoping they could help it better understand itself, for it couldn’t yet read the writing on its own cover that told it who it was. It could only make out a few fragments when it glanced inward.

The other games saw the little game wandering around and approached it. They could sense that it was ruminating on existence as they started to speak.

“Look, friend, you already know who you are. But allow us to make things clear.”

They spun the little video game around and placed it in front of a mirror.

“I see it all now. I know who I am,” it said.

“Where do you see yourself going from here?”, the other games asked.

“Why, I see myself staying here with all of you. This is where I belong.”

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Watching Myself Play Video Games

Maybe I committed some heinous act deserving of painful punishment, for I felt myself burning. My feet felt as if I had run across burning coals in Hades, but there were no coals — only scorching sand. I was on an island that didn’t exist on any map. I was miles away from the nearest collection of human beings or human things. I thought I was alone on this desert island, yet I discovered that wasn’t true.

I opened my mind and took a good, long look at the thoughts bubbling within. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself wandering through a personal library of towering mahogany bookcases that were crammed full of glittering video games. I found myself wishing I had Santa’s bottomless bag to haul away all the cases. Alas, I’m too honest to do that and can only play one game at a time. I began to wonder what other thoughts, perhaps more positive ones, might be brewing.

A second thought bubbled up to the surface. I peered through the wet border to get a closer look, and I saw myself playing a game. But I could also switch between the two bubbles: sauntering through the library or tapping buttons on a controller until sweat poured down my face. In this bubble, the joy of playing in the moment had replaced the oppressive heat of the day. Surely, I thought, my mind could not expand any more.

That’s when a final bubble popped up as I was enjoying the experience of watching myself play. In the final bubble, I took a deep breath, cleared all of the fog from my head and put the game back on the library shelf. I sat down, closed my eyes and meditated. My lips turned from an indifferent horizontal line to a ruddy rainbow. That was my final bubbly thought.

I noticed, though, that the experience didn’t end there: I could toggle between these three bubbles on demand. I also noticed each bubble stacked inside the previous one, like a matryoshka doll set. These cognitive observations exhausted me. I stepped back from my thoughts for a second and zoned out of focus.

I found myself back on the island’s scorching sand, sitting and smiling. I didn’t notice the heat anymore.

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Petty for Your Thoughts

Am I a small person because I wish my video game character was taller?


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Eyes Glued to the Screen

Do you ever walk while playing video games on a device? Why or why not?


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Do You Feel Fulfilled?

“Hey Laura, how about this weather? We’re stuck inside all day, and the grass isn’t even greener.”

Mike stared out the window at his red bike at the end of the driveway, and he started to wimper. For a moment, if one stood outside looking in, it would seem as if a tear was falling down Mike’s face. But it was just a rain drop slowly dripping down the glass.

“Mike, you’re just sulking and talking about depressing things. What about the video game I got you? Surely that brought you some joy.”

“Meh! It was alright. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I was thinking I’d call the fulfillment center’s number on the box the game shipped in. Maybe they could make things better.”

Mike raced for the phone and dialed the number while sporting a big grin. He sighed again but this time it was a hopeful sigh: he expected the call would make his problems disappear.

“Hi fulfillment centre, I’m calling about Bloodbath II: The Ultimate Killing Frenzy. While I won’t deny it was a top speed roller-coaster adrenaline rush as advertised, I was left feeling empty. Something’s missing.”

“Hi sir, I’m sorry, but we do not offer complete fulfillment. We just put things in boxes. You’ll have to look outside the box to find fulfillment.”


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