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You Know How I Know I’m More Responsible Than You?

You go out and live your life.

I stay indoors and play video games.

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You Know How I Know I’m Responsible?

I stay indoors playing video games all day.

I’m doing it for you.


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Play Time the Video Game

Play Time the Video Game¹ and add more hours to your day. One hour playing gives you three more hours to live your life. You can do whatever you want with all that time. But what if you don’t like video games?

You might consider video games unappealing, but you’ll love what you gain from playing this game. While playing, you might, unlike a bad job, have some fun. You wouldn’t do the same dull, monotonous and thankless tasks all day. Unlike a boring job, you wouldn’t stare at the clock all day and long for free time. Instead, you would repeatedly tap A,B, and sometimes pause.

But, at some point, you need to stop playing and spend all that stored up time. You can only reap all the game’s benefits when you stop playing and do something else. You’ll be back for more.

¹ Not to be confused with Thyme the Video Game: The Ultimate Cookery Course.


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Video Game Weapons Could Save The World

save the worldIt seems like every game has guns these days, but most of these weapons are not memorable. However, the two games below have cool weapons that could also help our world.

(1) Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time

The Ratchet and Clank series is famous for its weapons, and one of my favourites is the Groovitron Glove. It launches shiny disco balls and plays music that causes any enemy to dance. For a moment, you are at disco club full of bad guys. Feel free to laugh at the giant mech’s lame dance moves. It can’t hurt you when it feels the rhythm deeps in its cold circuits.

So the glove sounds great in a video game. I mean, it can stop bad guys and entertain you. But you might have overlooked its practical use in life.

This glove is one of those rare video game weapons that could help people. I’m not much of a dancer and feel self-conscious about my “moves.” But pull out the Groovitron at a wedding and – bam ! – I could become the life of the party.

Better yet, the Groovitron could bring us word peace. If you dance non-stop, you won’t have time to start or continue a war. Imagine a peace conference where everyone danced their way to a mutual understanding.

Now we must buy a large supply of disco balls in the name of world peace. It’s all on us, people! Do you want to explain to the next generation that you were too cheap to prevent war?

I think Insomniac, the developer of A Crack in Time, made this glove to promote peace and have a laugh. The Groovitron is their plan to solve the world’s problems.

At the very least, they seem proud of all their weapons. They took the time to make humorous, cartoon movies to introduce the armaments. I love these movies and appreciate when developers add details like this to a game. The details often set games apart, keeping them in your memory long after you beat them.

(2) BioShock

Plasmids are serums that give gamers magic powers in this game. Plasmids include, but are not limited to, telekinesis, an electric bolt attack, and an “insect swarm” power that shoots bees out of your hands. I guess the bees are useful when you want to sting and irritate the skin of your enemies.

But the “insect swarm” plasmid might help the world’s bees. It seems colony collapse disorder kills honey bees all around the world. Do not fret. If we need healthy bees for agriculture, we could always use the plasmid to spawn them on demand.

I suggest you play BioShock and do some research on bees. While you play, I recommend you watch the humorous cartoon movies that introduce each weapon with a touch of class.


I love the creative weapons in A Crack in Time and BioShock. But you don’t need to play these games to appreciate the Groovitron or insect swarm. You should know that these weapons/ powers could solve world peace and bee deaths.

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