Play Time the Video Game

Play Time the Video Game¹ and add more hours to your day. One hour playing gives you three more hours to live your life. You can do whatever you want with all that time. But what if you don’t like video games?

You might consider video games unappealing, but you’ll love what you gain from playing this game. While playing, you might, unlike a bad job, have some fun. You wouldn’t do the same dull, monotonous and thankless tasks all day. Unlike a boring job, you wouldn’t stare at the clock all day and long for free time. Instead, you would repeatedly tap A,B, and sometimes pause.

But, at some point, you need to stop playing and spend all that stored up time. You can only reap all the game’s benefits when you stop playing and do something else. You’ll be back for more.

¹ Not to be confused with Thyme the Video Game: The Ultimate Cookery Course.


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14 responses to “Play Time the Video Game

  1. gouldfish44

    An interesting concept. But what would the gameplay entail?

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    • I think you should fill in the blank and tell me. That would make it more interesting, and I’d love to see what readers would come up with… Then again maybe the game could have terrible gameplay and people would still buy to have more time. Or maybe that’s a scary thought…


  2. I would definitely play this game. I would also try to make this into some sort of patch for other games, too 😉 Even if the game only gave me back and hour for each hour played, I think that would be ample time to do “real life” things and still have time for playing.

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  3. The Otaku Judge

    What would I do with the extra time? Probably play more games. I have a huge backlog of unfinished titles because there aren’t enough hours in the day.

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  4. Cool concept for sure! 🙂

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  5. This would definitely be a cool concept!

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