No Time for Video Games?

So you think you have no time for video games… Well, you might have time if you’re doing one of these silly things:

  • Stressed out, wringing your hands, worrying about what might happen. Need to relax.
  • Roasting something in all its delicious natural juices and letting the smell awaken your stomach from its digestive slumber. Can’t think straight with the smell. Can’t reflect. Need distraction.
  • Watching the same movie, which you’re starting to get sick of, for the one millionth time. In your pajamas. Haven’t bathed. Smelly.

If you have time to procrastinate instead of doing meaningful work, then you probably have time to play some video games.

There’s time for video games in your life. In small bursts, and as part of a well-balanced life that includes bathing, you could unwind and have fun. Give it a try.

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April 27, 2015 · 9:48 pm

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