PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Wishlist

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Wish ListI want to share my PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale (PS3) wish list with you.

“Who cares about that game,” I hear you say, “It’s just a Smash Bros. clone.”

It doesn’t bother me if Battle Royale is similar to Smash Bros. because…

  • Smash is a joy to play; it’s a good game to draw on for inspiration.
  • I trust that Sony will make Battle Royale unique.
  • Sony could learn a lot from Nintendo and even improve on their game.

Let’s face it: Smash wasn’t a perfect video game.

I think Battle Royale could do these five things better than Nintendo’s game.

PS All Stars: Better than Smash Bros?

1. Smooth Sailing aboard the Internet Express

Please, Sony, make a game that I can actually play online.

I couldn’t play Smash Bros. Brawl online at all. Ok, so my internet connection was lousy, and I didn’t look very hard for other gamers to play with online. But I wasn’t alone. I still remember one critic who was also frustrated with the game’s online play.

2. A Story that Makes Sense

If Battle Royale has a single player mode, it needs a better story than Smash Bros. Brawl. I say that because Brawl had an awful story. It still sends chills up my spine just thinking about it.

If Sony can’t make a better story, then cut it out. Just focus on the core elements of the game.

3. Interactive Stages that Blow My Mind

Battle Royale could have tons of interactive stages.  I want stages with scalding acid pits and flying rocket ships. That would set it apart from Smash. Show us what the power of the PS3 can do!

4. Even More Characters Than I thought Possible

I’m sure you’ve seen the leaked Battle Royale roster lists. But I want more than that. I want to get even more secret characters after beating the game. Don’t stop there! Get me more third-party characters, and I’ll even buy them as DLC.

5. Share Pictures with PSN Friends

Everyone will want to claim bragging rights after a fight. Only the guy or girl with pictures can prove it. Plus, it’ll just help spread the word about the game. Do it. Do it.

PS All Stars: The Undisputed Heavyweight Champ?

Yes, Battle Royale could play even better than Smash Bros. But will it deliver the knockout punch? Keep your fingers crossed.

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