Don’t Go Out with A Whimper

Do you blog? I bet you do, and you know blogging is hard work. Sometimes you feel inspired and write well, and sometimes you sit down and stare at a white screen or page that taunts you. The unbearable brightness of the page sears your eyes, forcing you to look away. Bloggers must overcome these types of stumbling blocks to write well.

Writing well requires a balance between putting words on a page and everything else. One cannot spend forever on a post, forsaking life and love. A good balance allows a blogger to keep publishing posts, to feel proud of their work and not miss what’s happening in the world around them.

Some video game bloggers might find this balance difficult to achieve. Not only do they blog and live life to the fullest, but they also love to play video games. Should video game bloggers play for an hour and write for two? They might feel tempted to stop blogging and only play, or maybe they have the willpower and ability to do both and more.

If you decide to stop blogging, say goodbye before you leave. Too many video game bloggers disappear from the “blogosphere” without a trace. They’re like a once stunning star that dies, crumbles and leaves behind mere fragments of its awesomeness. The whole process is sad and a waste of energy.ย  If you’re leaving, please tell us about your plans for the future and maybe stop by for a visit.


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8 responses to “Don’t Go Out with A Whimper

  1. The Otaku Judge

    It is always sad when a blogger I like suddenly stops posting. Did they just get burnt out or did something bad happen to them? Saying goodbye to your readership is important.

    Most days I try to limit my blog time to one hour. If I spend longer than that reading other people’s stuff I end up not playing games, which means I don’t have anything to write about.

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  2. Kariyanine

    It is sad when a blogger just disappears. I always wonder if they thought that nobody cared about what they were writing so they just stopped.

    Finding a balance between work, regular life, entertainment, and blogging is a hard one, and one I often struggle with.

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  3. It is sad when bloggers suddenly vanish isn’t it? I get very busy now, but I still try and post as regularly as I can. Its all about finding the right balance I guess, which can sometimes be difficult. The thing I like about blogging most is interacting with other blogs and their posts, that’s the best bit for me ๐Ÿ™‚

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