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Boredom Is A Blessing

boredom is a blessingBoredom, for me, is the feeling that one has nothing worthwhile to do. Too often people complain that “this is boring.” We can borrow a pithy rebuttal from the internet for this complaint: “You’re doing it wrong.” In fact, boredom can be a good thing.

Bored people can ponder life’s big questions. At least, that’s what my philosophy professor once said in my first year class.

I think he was correct: you could do a lot of good and interesting things when you’re bored. You could help others, gain insight into a mysterious topic, write a book or blog post, and paint. During a typical week, we may not have time to do these things because we are so busy. Boredom offers us time to retreat from the world and reflect on life.

But you cannot do these activities without a break. Perhaps your philosophical and charitable binges have left your body and mind exhausted. The engine that powers both overheats and needs to cool down. What do you do when you need a break from the big questions? You need to relax.

Boredom provides great opportunities to relax. I take advantage of it to play stacks of video games. If I didn’t have time to play, my list of back logged games would rival the page count of War and Peace.

When I play these games, all problems melt away and it feels like I am on a roller coaster with my hands in the air. The game is a thrill ride you do not want to end. Play too long, though, and you might look pale enough to throw up your lunch.

Boredom is great! It gives you time to serve others, engage in profound thought, and enjoy hobbies. When life gives you boredom, squeeze out of every last drop and savor it.


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