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Hey, You! Play Nice

Gamers need to get along with each other and everyone else. I know I seem idealistic—heck, the phrase “video game idealist” led one person to my blog—but it’s necessary.

We can start by being polite to non gamers who show an interest in playing video games. Now, I don’t want to trample on people’s freedom of speech; it can be fun to joke around when you’re playing. However, we need to treat new gamers with basic decency so they can play in a positive environment.

This positive environment will do wonders for both new and non gamers. It might encourage them to feel like they belong among a gaming community. The cynical non gamers might start treating this past time with respect.

And we should encourage non gamers and new gamers to play video games. If we don’t share this pastime with them, video games might die out or only use the same ideas from the past. Worse, only a privileged few might indulge in video games. That’s tragic. It would be like not sharing your gifts with as many people as possible.

How does this generation of gamers want others to remember them? We need to be more inclusive and tolerant towards everyone interested in this hobby. That includes women who, according to the Entertainment Software Association, make up to 47% of gamers. A new generation of gamers, of all genders, races and so on will see games differently than those who played in the past. We have to respect their new opinions and play style.

You hear people talk about serious issues like the national debt and climate change and the next generation’s burdens. Those are important topics that we need resolve. But I wonder if all gamers can spare a minute to consider their own behaviour and their legacy.


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