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“What Should I Blog About?”

Blog about one of your minor interests.

A minor interest is something that you don’t know much about, and it takes up little of your free time. For example, video games were once a small part of my life, and then I made a blog about them.

You too could blog about a minor interest and have an advantage: it already engages you. Of course, you might not love the topic but you still have an interest to inspire your writing. Start to write, dig deeper and appreciate the topic in all its complexity.

You could learn new things about this minor interest as you research and write posts. You could synthesize different perspectives to a form a new and interesting angle on the topic. You could approach the topic with an outsider’s insight and have a unique blog, if you do a little research.

As part of your research, you could read others’ WordPress blogs. Read their posts, leave comments and you will meet new people online with different perspectives. Even if you don’t like to write, surely you’re refined enough to read and act amiably. You are, after all, reading this post. Thanks for that by the way.

When you encounter new people, your old views might melt away like a snowman on a high UV day. Strangers might shake your beliefs and challenge you to consider new ideas. Reading and writing a video game blog, for example, might challenge any stereotypes of gamers that you have. So you might grow as a person as you blog about a minor interest.

Why not blog only about your passion? After all, two blogs could overwhelm a person. Well, I think practicing time management will make you a better writer. If you have two blogs, you will have to write and edit to meet strict deadlines. In addition, your minor interest could attract visitors to your main blog.

The easy – almost facile – answer is to write about what you love. I suggest that you  blog about one of your minor interests. You could learn new things, talk to people with different personalities and see things from a different perspective. You could even blog about your passion and squeeze in your minor topic on the side. All you need is the will to start.


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