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Sorry, My Blog Lost Power

dangling power linesDear readers,

Last Sunday my apartment and my blog lost power. Tree branches collapsed under their own weight because of their thick coats of ice. Power lines dangled like deadly snakes in some areas.

I was volunteering, wrapping gifts and dealing with the power outage. There was no way I could post about – let alone play – video games. It wasn’t going to work.

I love writing. I love reading others’ work. I set out to publish a post every week, and I’ve done that for over a year now. So it hurt a little when I couldn’t do that last week.

But I got over the hurt fast. In my city, there were thousands of people during Christmas – and there are still some – without power. They’re the people who need help.

Also, I’ll publish two short blog posts today to make up for last Sunday. I spoil you. You know that, right?


What crazy things have happened to you while publishing a post? Have you ever lost power when you were blogging? How did you cope?


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