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The Video Game That No One Played

Once upon a time, a single video game sat alone on a store shelf. This lonely game wasn’t shiny like the others. It didn’t have any fancy graphics or eye-popping pictures on the box. It had no action, no blood, no violence and no aggression. The game did have layers of grey cobwebs and dust covering it.

Sometimes one could see droplets of liquid trickling down the game box, but this wasn’t someone’s attempt to clean it. The drops would trickle only in the middle of the night. Those nights in the store when feet fell silent, chatter ceased, security guards finished their last rounds and the clerk killed the lights.

Until one day when a little girl changed the story. She saw the lonely video game and heard it call to her, cleaned it off and bought it. The clerk and customers all laughed, but the little girl wasn’t going to ignore the game’s pain or let the laughter change her mind.

“Thank you for saving me from a life of endless consuming and being thrown away. I can’t wait to be free,” said the game. Then the box vanished into thin air. The little girl smiled even though she had lost the video game that called her.


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Run! Frankengame is Coming

Once upon a time, a doctor toiled away on a secret experiment in his lab. It was midnight.

Outside, the town clock struck twelve and seemed to echo even into the depths of the bunker-like lab. Lightning ripped through the sky and cracked trees in half.

But the good doctor didn’t seem to notice. He hadn’t spent all that time knee dump in garbage at the dump for nothing.

His garbage dump finds–which smelled like rotten fish–included thousands of games that littered the lab. His humpbacked and bucktoothed old assistant, Igor, had scattered old school consoles of every kind on the floor. It was a wonder anyone could work in that space.

The doctor fused parts together with crazy glue. He was going to use his creation to help mankind. Or at least that’s how he rationalized the work.

“This is good, goooood. Soon I will unleash my creature upon the world, and it will never be the same. I’m going to change the world forever. Muhahahahah!”

He rubbed his long and stained hands together with so much excitement that they almost caught fire. Then he unleashed a terrible cackle that would have sent chills up the spine of any human being.

The mad doctor leaned forward and flipped a red candy-like button with both hands, breaking a sweat.

The electricity caused the doctor’s hair to frizz, burn and smoke. He stared intensely as his creature began to rise from the table.

“It’s alive!” He screamed louder than a banshee.

The creature possessed a strange mix of abilities.

  • Electricity surged through it’s body like Pikachu. Nothing could touch it without getting fried.
  • It drove around in Bowser’s kart and shot out red shells.
  • Pedestrians walk but the creature flew around on Ratchet’s hover boots.
  • It wore a fine, hand tailored Italian suit–with the Nanotech upgrade from Crysis.
  • It had the sneaky skills of Sly Cooper.
  • It had a carboard box to hide in when enemies were around the corner.
  • It had the luck of Master Chief, as well as Cortana for a guide.
  • It could copy the super powers of others just like Kirby.
  • Like Nathan Drake, it could sniff out treasure in every nook. I mean, the creature has to support itself somehow, right?
  • The rapping skills of Parappa the Rapper, just in case it ever got into a wild rap battle.

The good/mad doctor leaned in close, his eyes sparkling like diamonds as the creature moved its mouth. It started to form a word. It said…

To be continued…

What would your Frankengame character look like? What strange mix of powers would it have?


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