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Smell a New Video Game

new video game smellI hold what looks like a shiny, exotic idol in my hand. It induces awe and wonder from me as I gaze upon it.

After courage courses through my veins and my hands stop shaking, I rip the wrapping off. The box lets out a squeak as it rubs against the plastic. But it doesn’t last long. In a few seconds, the plastic is in the trash and the box lies in wait.

I open the box without a second thought, and a factory fresh smell overwhelms me. It reminds me of the carnival, candy apples, and the fun I’ll soon have.

I slide the disc into the tray, escape from everyday life and travel to new and unfamiliar lands. The discovery of these new lands satisfies my digital wanderlust.

But this wanderlust is not an out of control addiction. I don’t have all the money in the world to play all the latest games. Instead I sometimes play games and savour every moment I spend with them.

After savouring the best bits, I sometimes wash it down with some DLC. Alas, the smooth plastic wrap and new game smell are not on the DLC. But I still get a big scoop of joy at a decent price…

You know, life moves pretty fast. You need to stop once in a while, take a big whiff, and breathe in that new game smell. Otherwise the smell might pass you by.


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