Video Game Blogs Just Got Better

Video Game Blogs Just Got BetterOf course you like video games.

But do you like to read the same thing over and over from the same people?

Of course you don’t. Take a risk for once and try something different.

Video Game Commentary from Space

No, I’m not really an astronaut, but I do play one on TV. Kidding!

I’m a super dude who loves videos games. Hey, guess what? I also like stringing words together and using WordPress.

Read my blog to learn what games I’m playing, and, most importantly, why I like them. Then chime in with your own comments. Plus, I’ll have lots of easy-to-read, web friendly lists of cool stuff.

Writing these blog posts will also be fun for me. I mean, I’ll get to improve my writing and talk to the WordPress community about games. Thanks in advance.

Another Video Game Critic?

Looking for game reviews and the latest news? Sorry, I’m not going to compete with the big boys who dominate those areas.

Sit back, relax… And then get ready to blast off to a new nebula!

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