Xbox Live Swearing Can Ruin Everyone’s Good Time

Xbox Live trash talker

Figure 1.1: The angry Xbox Live gamer

We’ve all heard Xbox Live swearing and trash talk.

You were probably a victim too.

Maybe you had hoped to unwind while playing games one day. You had your warm slippers on and, perhaps, a warm snifter of something to go with your cigar.

Instead, a fourteen year old taunted you and ruined your fun. You limped away sobbing and crushed.

Yes, tons of annoying gamers love to ruin your online fun. And they’re not content to bug you on Xbox Live: annoying gamers are also on PSN.

Here’s how these annoying gamers ruin your fun:

  • They act like crazed 14 years old boys on a cocaine and/or sugar rush.
  • They are way too competitive and play non-stop.
  • They hurl racist, sexist or homophobic comments like rocks at other gamers.

It’s time to change the way we play online together.

Talking on Xbox Live Made Better

How do you improve Xbox Live? You could fix technical issues, but that won’t stop annoying gamers.

The solution is simple. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Those who still refuse to play nice should find another hobby.

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