Five PC Video Games That I Want to Play

5 PC Video Games That I Want to PlayI really want to play these five PC video games:

1. Company of Heroes II

Why am I interested in a sequel if I never played the first game?


  • The first game is one of the finest gems in the strategy video game mine.
  • The series’ setting is WWII! You’d think I’d get sick of that war by now, but you’d be wrong.
  • Also, since it’s a strategy game, it reminds me vaguely of XCOM. Oh, XCOM, how I love thee.

I bet a lot is riding on this game for publisher THQ. They’re having some tough times over there.

2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I never played the original XCOM. As a kid, I only stared at the screen and basked in its warm rays as my older brother played it. I could still tell that it was a fantastic strategy game. How amazing is that? I haven’t even played XCOM and still think it’s cool.

You might want to have me committed, if you’re still reading. Or maybe the aliens will beam me up to their flying saucer and take me away.

3. Skyrim

I bought Skyrim in December 2011. But my fun time express derailed when I discovered it didn’t work on PS3.

Thankfully, I returned the game and got my full refund. Soon I’ll finally play Skyrim – on PC.

4. Psychonauts

Psychonauts is an old game that doesn’t get enough love. It’s like that grandparent in the old folk’s home who gets ignored.

Well, now you can play it – with achievements – on Steam. Did I mention it’s a critically acclaimed game?

5. Orcs Must Die

Orcs Must Die already appears on XBLA. But I’m tired of my Xbox and Microsoft. It really didn’t help when my Xbox went up in smoke and got three red lights in 2010.

Now I’m getting the game – and probably the sequel – on Steam because I have to kill orcs. Killing these creatures after a long day just screams relaxing to me. Why smoke a cigarette when you can grind orc bones into fine dust?

That’s all for now. Could you tell that I like XCOM?

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