I Love Valve’s Steam and My New PC

Why I Love Valve's Steam and My New PCThe steam engine changed train travel forever. Valve’s Steam service has changed the way I play video games.

With Steam, you don’t need to buy hard copies of games: you can just download them. Even better, you can look forward to big sales on the service.

Besides sales, what’s important when I want to download games? It’s great games and reliable downloads that matter most.

Rest assured, I had a good time both downloading and playing Orcs Must Die. A strategy game, Orcs Must Die was my first Steam download. It offers you the thrilling opportunity to scald orcs with vats of green goo.

Picking this one game out of Steam’s huge library was hard. But I can make that choice easier for you.

Try out Team Fortress 2, a first person shooter, as soon as you get Steam. It’s free and, like a fine wine, has aged well. Check out my blog post on why Team Fortress 2 Never Gets Old.

Of course, you’ll want a good PC to take advantage of all of Steam’s games. I’d recommend you build your own PC, or get someone else to build one for you. Not sure where to start? I’d recommend talking to a computer savvy friend.

I asked a friend, who makes PCs all the time, to make me one. It was pretty cool when he delivered the computer a month earlier than my birthday. It meant more time to watch orcs burn and sizzle.

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