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My Video Game Diet: What I Consume on a Regular Basis


My gaming diet has three main building blocks.

1.Strategy games

I love strategy games and can never get enough of them. You might say I have an insatiable hunger because they never fill me. I always want more.

I could play a game like Civilization or XCOM for hours and not get stuffed. These games never expire or lose their freshness throughout all those hours. You just have to stop, get some balance, and then come back for more.

I could also shovel pizza non-stop into my stomach, but that’s a subject for another blog.

2. RPGs

I can’t live without water or RPGs. Mass Effect 2 is one RPG with a refreshing story that I love.

3. Adventure / Platformers

I like to slowly chew away at platformers when there’s nothing else to play. Sometimes I’ll devour a short game like Journey in one sitting.

What’s your video game diet like?


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Five PC Video Games That I Want to Play

5 PC Video Games That I Want to PlayI really want to play these five PC video games:

1. Company of Heroes II

Why am I interested in a sequel if I never played the first game?


  • The first game is one of the finest gems in the strategy video game mine.
  • The series’ setting is WWII! You’d think I’d get sick of that war by now, but you’d be wrong.
  • Also, since it’s a strategy game, it reminds me vaguely of XCOM. Oh, XCOM, how I love thee.

I bet a lot is riding on this game for publisher THQ. They’re having some tough times over there.

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