Shadow Complex 2: Make That Game Already

Shadow Complex 2On this week’s episode of make that game already, I get down on my knees to beg for more Shadow Complex. Me it want to play it now!

Of course, Chair Entertainment would need to blow our minds with a sequel.  Will they do it? Nobody knows!

Some might say a sequel is possible, but I need more reassurance to sleep safely at night.

I can’t figure out why the sequel isn’t out now. I can only hope Chair is working feverishly to make a second game that tops the first. The first game would seem like dog food next to the caviar of the second. Mmm that sounds good. The caviar I mean.

The first game was a double-decker sandwich of shooting and exploring strange new places. If you miss Metroid, then you’ll love playing Shadow Complex. But you’re not a bounty hunter. Instead, you’re on a mission to rescue a damsel in distress from bad guys.

That’s all you need to know. Well, that and the game looks and plays great on XBLA.

Could it be that Chair won’t make a sequel because not enough people bought the original game? I’m not sure. I do hope we get a sequel that more gamers will get a chance to play.

I was skeptical about Shadow Complex until I took a risk and bought it. Then I played the original game until my thumbs calloused, even though I’m not a Metroid fan.

If you haven’t played the original, at least try the demo. Then demand that chair make the sequel already!

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