How I Learned to Stop Moping About Skyrim and Love Amalur

Amalur and SkyrimNot long ago, I bought Skyrim for PS3 and a wave of excitement crashed over me as I brought it home. Then I found out that Skyrim on PS3 was a train wreck. I was heart broken.

What was I going to play in the meantime? I needed something to fill the gaming void in my life.

That’s when Kingdom’s of Amalur: Reckoning jumped off the web page I was reading and slapped me across the face.

The game caught my eye because famous people were working on it.

  • Would you believe that a New York Times bestselling author, R.A. Salvatore, penned the game’s story?
  • Todd McFarlane, a comic book maker, chipped in on Amalur as well.
  • Ken Rolston was a designer for Amalur who worked on the Elder Scrolls series.

I figured all these talented people could only make a good game. Well, that’s not good reasoning, but, hey, the game became more interesting as I played it.

How Amalur Made Me Forget About Skyrim

I liked how the developers emphasized fun combat in Amalur. Combat shouldn’t feel like a chore as you play. You should feel like a hero when you slay a huge monster, and you don’t always feel like a hero in the average RPG.

The bad guys make the combat so much fun. Who wants to clobber the same generic bad guy for 200 hours? In Amalur, the enemies really stand out from the crowd. I mean, have you seen that Cyclops monster with the laser eye beam? Now that’s just plain awesome.

Beating bad guys’ brains out is also fun because of the game’s skill tree. That skill tree has tons of different magic powers. You can mix and match skills from different classes and even reset your skills. Yes, reset your skills. That’s kind of a big deal.

Then you get to put those awesome skills to use in an epic battle. Your jaw will drop as you summon a lightning storm to fry a dungeon full of bad guys. How do like your toast?

After I read and watched videos about the game, I became hooked on Amalur. I’m glad that Skyrim didn’t work on PS3: now I have more time to play Amalur.

It’s just a shame that I may never get to play a sequel.

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