5 Simple Rules for Gamers to Play Nice Together and Make the World Better

5 rules for gamers playing video gamesSo many sports and games have rules to keep players in line. What  do video games have?

Oh, sure, individual video games have rules like shoot or die or jump to survive. But how should gamers treat each other?

I started with an ambitious goal: I wanted to write a list of ten rules for gamers. I got a little lazy and my creativity dried up, so I capped this list off at five.  Here’s my five rules.

  • Don’t steal any person’s consoles, PC, or game collection.
  • Don’t pirate games.
  • Don’t engage in friendly fire.
  • Stand up for gaming as a hobby and don’t let people mock it.
  • Whenever possible, introduce other people to video games and have some fun out there!

Can you come up with 5 more or some better rules? Share them in the comments below.

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