Skyrim Has Really Got a Hold on Me: I Got It Bad

Skyrim has really got a hold on meOn my 19th birthday, I got a shiny new Xbox 360. But what on earth was I going to play? I embarked on a journey to find a fun game.

I thought The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion would rock my world. But my friend saw things a bit differently.“Don’t buy that game,” said Kevin. It takes hundreds of hours to play. It will eat up your life.” “Yeah, you’re probably right,” I replied.

Then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out, and I tried to resist it. I thought Skyrim, a lengthy game, would just eat up my time too. No video game could be worth one hundred hours of my life, right? Well, I can’t stop thinking about Skyrim.

I looked past Skyrim’s nerdy frame and fell in love with its inner beauty. The game reached out, grabbed me and begged me to explore it. I mean, I just stood in awe at the majestic mammoths that moved across Skyrim at a snail’s pace.

It doesn’t matter if the game is nerdy. Skyrim is just too hard to resist!

Now, if only I had the time to waste more time.

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