Give Me “A Wink and a Smile” When you Get This Achievement

A Wink and A Smile TrophyYou stare at the screen so hard that you’re almost burning holes through it. You ask yourself, “How could this have happened?” You shake your head so fast that it feels like it will fall off. Then sweat flows down your forehead like Niagara, and you rip at clumps of your hair.

It’s all because you missed a chance to get the “A Wink and A Smile” trophy/achievement. You put 200 hours of your life into Kingdoms of Amalur, but you still didn’t get it. Oops!

If you haven’t dived into Amalur yet, I think can save you some time and heartache.

You Can Afford to Make Mistakes

I’ll say it again so you can avoid having a triple bypass. You can afford to mess up a few persuasion attempts early in the game. I failed 5 or 6 persuasion attempts and still got the trophy. I got it before I even set sail for Mel Senshir.

You can get this trophy too. Here are some simple tips:

How to Get the A Wink and a Smile Trophy

  •   Save Frequently – Why should you do that? If you fail to persuade someone, you can reload a save and keeping trying until you succeed. All that going back in time will feel like you had a time machine in Amalur.

 Don’t you wish you could turn back the pages of time in your life too? Yeah, keep dreaming.

  •  Invest in persuasion – Take all your points out of your Amalur piggy bank and put ‘em on this skill. If you do, you might find you succeed more at persuasion. That investment might help you avoid reloading saves; instead, you’ll spend more time having fun.

Keep in mind, though, that you can still fail an attempt with full persuasion skills, so save frequently!

  •    Do a lot of quests – Some quests will give you persuasion attempts. Even if they don’t, you should do all the quests because you’ll have a good time hacking and slashing enemies.

Are you still stuck? Look up the DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur, and see if it has places for persuasion attempts.

You’re welcome, internet.


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