The Dream Team That Fell From The Sky

video game dream teamOne morning I woke up thanks to the sounds of screams. They were screams of joy and laughter coming from my kitchen. As I sprang out of bed and ran into hallway, I peered below and stood amazed.

There, in my kitchen, were some of the best video game developers in the world. The light coming from that room was so bright that I couldn’t make out anyone’s faces.

“Hello, Adam,” one of them said. “Wait ‘til you see what we’ve cooked up for you.”

It wasn’t a towering skyscraper of flap jacks smothered with maple syrup. Instead, with beaming smiles, they pointed towards a TV. It was a new game. They made it just for me.

Here’s what that dream team looked like and what they brought to the table:

1. A BioWare tale

The Mass Effect series draws you in with an amazing story and doesn’t let go of you. You’ll feel like you’re flying on an interstellar journey on your couch. They’ll pen a tale for my game that would overflow with great characters.

2. Crytek and EA’s destructible environments

I want to smash everything in a game. Hey, I call that realism and it immerses me in the action, so don’t judge. However, the destruction shouldn`t be the focus of the game; I don’t want to play a destruction tech demo with a paper-thin story.

3. A Bethesda world

How would you like to live in a world with nuclear war, irradiated food, mutants and giant crabs? That world is fun to inhabit in Fallout 3.

How would you like to explore Skryim’s snowy mountain peaks, flowing rivers and leafy green trees? That’s what I thought.

Bethesda is the obvious choice to make a world worth getting to know.

4. A Naughty Dog production

The Uncharted games offer the same kinds of thrills that you find in blockbuster movies. Games don’t have to compete with movies, but it’s nice when they do it well. I’d like to see what Naughty Dog could bring to a game for me.

5. Overall game design by Valve

I chose Valve because I think Portal is the most creative game I’ve played in the last six years. Valve has a proven track record. Need I say more?

6. Something unexpected from thatgamecompany

Who knew that I’d want a game like Journey? Thatgamecompany can add anything they want because I trust they’ll make it good.

7. Vehicles and music by Bungie

Halo games have tons of fun and cool vehicles. Bungie always did a good job breaking up on-foot missions with vehicle segments on land and air. True bliss is driving one of these cars while the music of Halo blasts through your speakers.

Bungie and Marty O’Donnell will get the job done on my game.


Alas, I woke up in the kitchen with my face in a plate of pancakes. The dream team was only a drowsy dream. My sudden snap back to reality was depressing. I guess licking this plate of flapjacks clean will console me.


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2 responses to “The Dream Team That Fell From The Sky

  1. Fatima Zenine

    That is one hell of a video-game. I think my brain just pooped– that would be the game to end all games… forever.


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