Staring at an Endless Ocean

underwater video games

The antidote for too much FPS action?

“This game,” I thought, “could either put me to sleep or relax me.”

Then someone started talking to me. I looked down to see a Best Buy cashier who questioned  my game choice.

“Are you really going to play this?” The cashier cocked her head and furrowed her brow as she looked at me.

No, I didn’t pick up a Teletubbies game.

That day, I bought Endless Ocean for my dust covered Wii. The surprised cashier doubted that a twenty something guy would play a game like that. I mean, there are no guns, blood or gore on the cover. What, you may ask, gives?

At first, I thought it looked like a dull video game. I thought I’d find something better to do with my time. But Endless Ocean promised to let me play under the sea!

So, yes, I bought the game.

Then the cashier smiled and said, “Hey, I might have to check this out too.” I didn’t twist her arm. I swear.

Relaxing Video Games: Part of a Balanced Diet

I like games with big explosions as much as the next gamer, but sometimes I need a change of pace. Sometimes I don’t want to blow away endless waves of bad guys with a machine gun. I want to relax in an Endless Ocean. I want variety.

Endless Ocean is great because you don’t need to do anything. You can float around a huge body of water without a care in the world. You can just relax, like a summer vacation.

So you like to do stuff in games? Do you like goals and missions? You can always take clients for a dive or search for sunken treasure in Endless Ocean. And don’t forget you can meet all the friendly – and deadly – animals under the sea. Did someone say sea pig?

But I mostly like the game because I can swim anywhere I want. It helps that the soundtrack matches the relaxing vibe of the game. The music seems heavenly at some points, which is not a word used to describe most games. I’m thankful, though, that some games let us experience these feelings.

An Endless Ocean for All

I wish there were more diving games like Endless Ocean. In fact, I wish some developer – maybe thatgamecompany – would do an underwater exploration game. Then they could put it on XBLA, PSN and Steam.

You know a huge ocean would look beautiful on the other consoles and PC.

Don’t you want to swim in an ocean every day of the year?

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