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Video Games Are So Relaxing

All day, Jim was surrounded by loud machines. They expelled gas and hissed as they moved heavy loads on a construction site. The machines ran over materials, crunching them and splitting some wood in half. When the much vaunted machines broke, which happened often, he had to finish moving the materials himself before 5 p.m. His head hurt, and he did not want to move at the day’s end, but at least it was home time.

After work, rather than clear his head, Jim filled it with words. He opened the window in his apartment, plopped himself down at his desk to flip through the pages of book after book. He didn’t notice the outside world as his pencil vigorously scratched the books and his margins overflowed with notes. Soon, there was an unbearable noise he could no longer ignore: the never-ending traffic on the street. There was honking, yelling, speeding, angry arguments, rumbling and screeching tires. Listening to these sounds while reading became a tiring chore. “Enough!” Jim thought.

He left his desk, grabbed something to eat and sat down to play video games. His character walked through a verdant world and stared at an unblemished blue sky. Just then, a massive steel beast rumbled in to view on the screen. It flattened grass, knocked over trees, left a giant footprint and belched smoke. It was a tank.

“Ah,” Jim thought as he stretched his toes and legs, “this is so relaxing.”


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Staring at an Endless Ocean

underwater video games

The antidote for too much FPS action?

“This game,” I thought, “could either put me to sleep or relax me.”

Then someone started talking to me. I looked down to see a Best Buy cashier who questioned  my game choice.

“Are you really going to play this?” The cashier cocked her head and furrowed her brow as she looked at me.

No, I didn’t pick up a Teletubbies game.

That day, I bought Endless Ocean for my dust covered Wii. The surprised cashier doubted that a twenty something guy would play a game like that. I mean, there are no guns, blood or gore on the cover. What, you may ask, gives?

At first, I thought it looked like a dull video game. I thought I’d find something better to do with my time. But Endless Ocean promised to let me play under the sea!

So, yes, I bought the game.

Then the cashier smiled and said, “Hey, I might have to check this out too.” I didn’t twist her arm. I swear.

Relaxing Video Games: Part of a Balanced Diet

I like games with big explosions as much as the next gamer, but sometimes I need a change of pace. Sometimes I don’t want to blow away endless waves of bad guys with a machine gun. I want to relax in an Endless Ocean. I want variety.

Endless Ocean is great because you don’t need to do anything. You can float around a huge body of water without a care in the world. You can just relax, like a summer vacation.

So you like to do stuff in games? Do you like goals and missions? You can always take clients for a dive or search for sunken treasure in Endless Ocean. And don’t forget you can meet all the friendly – and deadly – animals under the sea. Did someone say sea pig?

But I mostly like the game because I can swim anywhere I want. It helps that the soundtrack matches the relaxing vibe of the game. The music seems heavenly at some points, which is not a word used to describe most games. I’m thankful, though, that some games let us experience these feelings.

An Endless Ocean for All

I wish there were more diving games like Endless Ocean. In fact, I wish some developer – maybe thatgamecompany – would do an underwater exploration game. Then they could put it on XBLA, PSN and Steam.

You know a huge ocean would look beautiful on the other consoles and PC.

Don’t you want to swim in an ocean every day of the year?

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