Brace for Impact: The Mass Effect 3 Ending


Spoiled Milk

Wow! Some fans sure don’t like the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Do I like the final game? I can’t say yet. I’ve played Mass Effect 1 and 2 but not the third game.

I can’t judge the Mass Effect 3  ending because I haven’t played it. In fact, I have to play the second game again to platinum it. So I’m far from reaching the end anytime soon.

I don’t know when I’ll experience the Mass Effect 3 ending. It doesn’t help that my list of games to play has grown longer than Rapunzel’s hair. The list restrains me from playing Mass Effect 3 like it was a ball and chain.

If I get to play it, will I like the ending? Who knows! But I wish I hadn’t heard any Mass Effect 3 ending complaints. Even though I didn’t read or watch the complaints, the complainers still spoiled the joy of playing the game for me.

Granted, reviews can show tidbits about games and criticize them. Most critics treat games, even those that they dislike, with fairness. I can also avoid reviews if I want to; however, it was more difficult to avoid the complainers in the news.

I’m not angry about this and still plan to play Mass Effect 3. But I prefer to play games without whining and hissing fans in the background.

However, fair criticism of games is great and it’s why I turn to your blogs. I want to read reviews that delve into the entire game and the overall experience.

I don’t ever want to brace myself for an ending; I want to experience the entire game.


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2 responses to “Brace for Impact: The Mass Effect 3 Ending

  1. Wow, going for platinum! I enjoyed ME3 and am still playing the multiplayer frequently. Enjoy!


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