Why I Want to Live in a Video Game World

life is playLet us say you could live in any video game world you wanted. Would you do it? Count me in.

A video game could offer a great escape – see what I did there? – from the doldrums of life. Life is something like equal parts work and play, or contemplation and action. But a game would rearrange this balance. Life is play inside a video game.

The concerns of everyday life would not apply inside a game. Death does not exist because I would always re-spawn. I wouldn’t have to plan my finances because all my digital coins would fit inside my pocket. Also, unless it was a boring game, it wouldn’t force me to mop my apartment floors, scrub dishes or do chores. Instead, I would have plenty of free time to explore an open world game.

The game world would give me all sorts of powers to play with. I’d do things like climb a mountain peak, jump over a skyscraper, heal myself and solve physics based puzzles with ease. Sleep would not exist, and I could run on forever like a sentence without a stop.

But life inside the game is not only about me. A beautiful princess lies in wait, in that world, for someone to rescue her. Now, this blog post is unconventional, so let us take it a step further and pretend that she would save me. I would still meet a beautiful woman no matter who saved the day, which is fine by me.

If I never crossed paths with the princess, I could still talk to other video game characters. The seedy bars from large open world games are great places to meet people. I could talk to the code too; we could chew over performance problems and the game would run better because of me. That lifestyle doesn’t sound lonely at all.

Wait! I can’t keep up this happiness charade. I could not survive a day in there without family, friends and WordPress.com. So would some of you join me?


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4 responses to “Why I Want to Live in a Video Game World

  1. Great post dude! 😀


  2. Love this! The game world I would want to live in would be Final Fantasy. Riding a chocobo around would be a dream come true 😀

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