Meanwhile, in the Middle of Nowhere…

desert islandYou board your boat and set sail for a lush tropical oasis. The tiny red schooner bobs back and forth in the choppy seas, and waves splash against the deck. You know things aren’t going well when you can taste the warm salt water in your mouth.

Bang! You should have seen it coming.

You hit a huge rock near an insular coast, and you’re forced to abandon ship. Looks like you’ll have to swim and slosh your way through to the island.

Once you get there, soaking wet and coughing up enough sand to fill a beach, you stumble upon a hut. It seems like a sturdy hut, but it could use some work. For example, when you walk on the wood floor, it groans as if it wants to give up and collapse beneath you.

You sit at a desk and realize something: you are all alone and no one knows where you are. You calculate it will take a week before loved ones catch on to your whereabouts and send help.

In the meantime, you have to do to something to keep sane. The island has plenty of food, and an inexhaustible supply of necessities. But you won’t find people, an internet connection and – it seems – there’s no entertainment.

What will you do until help arrives?

Lo and behold! You look straight ahead and magic seems to solve your problems. A huge top of the line gaming PC stares you in the face.

Then you reach into your pocket and find another surprise: you have three great games! You brought them along in case the boat ride became boring.

If that was me on the island…

Let me tell you the three games I would choose. Each one will make time fly faster than a supersonic jet.


This game is perfect for those rainy days on the island. XCOM is a great turn based game that can keep you busy. You can plan both your base and your troops on the field to kill time. Even better, gun blasts and explosions will keep you awake when you start to doze off and drool on the desk.

2. Civilization series

It makes sense that you’d yearn for some civilization. After all, you are alone on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

This is another immersive turn based strategy game that will have you saying “One more turn!” You’ll find plenty of reasons to kill time with this one: beating the highest difficulties, beating the game with every civilization, and getting every kind of victory. You might turn away your rescuers after you start to play this game. They might have to pry your cold, obsessed fingers off the keyboard just to take you to safety.

3. Tetris

I mean the old school version of Tetris with the bleeps and bloops soundtrack. With Tetris, come to the think of it, I might not even need the other games. The reason is very simple: this game never gets old for me.

Now where’s my island drink?


What three games would you bring to a desert island?


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2 responses to “Meanwhile, in the Middle of Nowhere…

  1. 1. Mass Effect – the whole series, just so I didn’t feel so alone, and the familiarity would make me feel safer.
    2. Minecraft – just so when I got back to civilisation I’d have something to show for my time.
    3. hmm. I can’t think of a third one. Mostly because I’ve played my games like I’ve been on a desert island and overplayed them. You know, everyone I follow who loves similar games to me has played and loved XCOM, so I’d take that I guess because I’ve never played it before and it’s highly likely I’d enjoy it.


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