Thanks for Reading This

video game blog 100 hundred followsI have an urge to be creative. I get up in the morning, as the alarm buzzes in my ears, and want to do something great.

But I don’t sculpt statues and don’t lift heavy objects. Toolboxes, bricks, and easels aren’t necessary for me.

Instead, I use pens, keyboards and a mouse. Ok, for those keeping count, this is my metaphorical toolbox. This toolbox doesn’t matter too much; any pen will do. Perhaps I would care about these items if I was a keyboard designer or engineer, but I’m not. In truth, these tools are only important because they help me put words on my blog.

I chose to blog about video games for two reasons. First, I love playing them. And when I am close to them, roses fills my nostrils, all I see are hearts, and the music from Romeo and Juliet plays in the background. Sharing this love of games is the logical next step for me.

Well my goal with this blog was humble. I wanted at least one person to like and read it. I’m happy to say that my blog has long since achieved and surpassed that feat. A couple of days ago, I earned a total of 100 followers and 200 likes for good measure.

But I want more than these numbers: I want my words to captivate the eyes of non gamers. Maybe they’d learn something new about games, or maybe they’d realize gamers are like them. I’m proud to say some great writers from non game blogs have already liked my posts. Here’s to having more of them pop by!

I love words, video games, and I need to share my thoughts with you. I want to let the words flow like a river from my head, down my arms and on to the screen. From there, they trickle into the vast ocean we call the internet.

Thanks for reading.


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8 responses to “Thanks for Reading This

  1. The PewPew Diaries

    Congrats! Don’t ever stop writing! 🙂


  2. drakulus23

    Congrats dude! I remember when I first reached a hundred followers back in August. Keep working hard and releasing awesome content and people will flock to your blog!


  3. Keep up the great work! I only discovered your blog very recently but have enjoyed reading it so far. Now to start browsing through your archives… 🙂


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