Video Games Let You Fly

Journey video gameYou can’t fly. Ok, maybe you can board a plane, or sail away in a hot air balloon, or blast off with a jet pack. But you need technology; you can’t fly by yourself.

Well, there is one way you can fly by yourself: become a video game character.  Come on, you know deep down the kid in you wants to do it, so don’t dismiss this post.

I would be the burgundy robe wearing figure from Journey. The figure has a mysterious visage, piercing white eyes and a glittering scarf. I’m not sure how I would ever get anything done in that world though. I mean, the beauty of the game world would always overwhelm me.

A Day in the Life of a Journey Character

I got up early while the sun was shining. Though, as far as I can tell, the sun is always shining in this world. Then I left my house, a set of ancient ruins scattered among the dunes, and floated off in search of a journey.

I soaked up tons of resplendent sunshine that day and got a little hot. After all, I live in sweltering desert heat and wear a thick robe everyday. But I like to think the robe protects me from UV rays. Also, the robe’s perfect for trekking through snowy mountain peaks. It’s a one of a kind must-own fashion item.

The sun and the heavy, flowing robe always make my mouth feel as dry as the Sahara. So, my first goal every day is to get some water. Without the water, I would dry up like a raisin and disintegrate into a dust indistinguishable from the desert sand.

When my thirst became unbearable, I stopped to meditate on the precariousness of my life in the world of Journey. It was relaxing. The sun melted away all my stress like it was an ice-cube. I sat down by myself and hours flew by.

But I wasn’t alone all the time. I met tons of cool strangers who dropped in and out at random. These random meetings made it hard to make good friend, but it worked for speed dating.

Overall, I had a ton of fun meeting all these strangers. We sometimes raced each other down desert dunes, like we were on a sand toboggan. We also floated past each other and spoke a strange language that brought us closer together.

We journeyed for a long time until we reached a massive mountain. Our hearts and our relationship nearly froze up there. We were joyful after we reached the top of the mountain, got a second chance at life, and passed through a mysterious crevasse flooded with light.

Gee, I forgot all about that water.

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