A Utopia with Video Games

I awoke one morning to the sight of blue light bathing my bedroom.

“Huh, that’s odd,” I thought, “Usually the sun’s golden rays light everything up.”

I looked out the window and saw the sun was a brilliant blue. My eyes widened and my brain froze in disbelief for a minute. Then I did a double take and looked out the window so fast that my neck nearly snapped.

It got weirder. The sky was yellow. The grass was a fiery red and the ocean was green.

“What the…” I muttered as I rubbed my eyes.

I thought of a couple of reasons why I saw the world that way. Maybe I had overdosed on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and now I saw the world through a neon lens. Or I might have had too much to drink the night before. Nah, neither hypothesis was correct.

I shrugged off the world’s appearance and checked out my WordPress Reader. There were new posts from all my favourite video game blogs. Time for some good reading.

I scanned the editorials, expecting to find the usual topics, but everything was upside down. Nothing was the same. Video games had changed the world – for the better.

Critics now praised video games for promoting peace in the world. There were even articles on how the U.N. used games to entice countries to lay down their arms. Also, games, among other factors, helped end hunger, poverty, disease and brought all humanity together in love. So, naturally, all the old arguments against playing video games were swept up and thrown into the trash.

It was a utopia – a perfect world – with video games . It seemed like it was only going to get better, yet it all seemed a little too perfect.

Alas, it was not be! My gut feeling was right. I woke up in my bed, the sun was still bright yellow and video games had not helped make the world a perfect place. Not yet anyway…


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8 responses to “A Utopia with Video Games

  1. That almost sound like a dream I would have…


  2. One day this will be.
    One day soon!


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