How to Start a New Adventure

The factory fresh smell of metal and plastic tempts my nose.

This isn’t the smell of roses; it’s even better.

But if the smell doesn’t get you the mere sight of it will.

It’s hard to miss something that shines so bright with so much might, even in the dark it’s sleek, and slim figure stands out.

I long to be closer to it.

I inch forward so as not to appear desperate or too eager.

There’s just a few feet more.

A static charge when I make contact.

The goosebumps pop up and spread all over my arms.

The hair on my head stands tall at attention.

Then a cheerful “ding!”

A tray that has the potential to be full of goodies, greets me.

A lime green light beckons me to get started already.

With the tray full and everything fired up, it’s time for fun.

Time to play.


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2 responses to “How to Start a New Adventure

  1. Ah, the thrill of a new adventure…


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