Calling all Authors! Pick up a Controller

So often, we hear writers talk about the inspiration for their fiction. Their own experiences might inspire them, something they read, something they watched or an unfortunate incident involving garden shears and a haircut. Note the last one has never happened to me. I’m thankful for that.

But what about video games that a writer played?

Perhaps some people will frown and stick their tongues out at the mere suggestion of including video games.

“The plots are ridiculous and undeserving of my time”, they might object.

Well, even these writers could play a video game and use it as a case study of bad writing. Then show your peers what not to do. Better yet, they could take the next step and show the world how to write good stories in games. So I don’t think it’s a waste of any fiction author’s time–even the most crusty and barnacled old curmudgeon–to play a game and reflect on the story and writing.

Meanwhile, those of us who like games might find a lot of inspiration in them. I loved the story of Mass Effect 2 especially the idea of collecting a team of heroes to take on an impossible mission. I’d love to write my own story with a team of heroes fighting to save the universe from doom. Perhaps, then, Mass Effect 2 was doing something right if it’s story managed to inspire me to author my own work.

Take the poll below and and then let me know how, if it all, video games have inspired your writing in the comments.


How have video games inspired you as a writer and/or fiction author?



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6 responses to “Calling all Authors! Pick up a Controller

  1. I’d go with yes on this. I actually think games if done good, do and excellent job at stories. For me games have almost killed any feelings I have for movies.

    Things such as Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock Infinite, Max Payne, Alan Wake, among others do a brilliant job at this.

    I can’t say any game has inspired me to write a story. But they have opened up the imagination, to simply make things more interesting.

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    • Yes, I agree with the games you mentioned, especially Mass Effect (series) and Alan Wake.

      Yeah, I said inspired but I don’t see myself writing anything remotely like Mass Effect fan fiction (or any fan fiction–ever). I was already writing my own original stories, but Mass Effect 2 helped me return to it during a creative lull. It blasted my “writer’s block” away.

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  2. Yes. Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Mega Man. The last one was a terrible idea, but the ideas born from the first three are still being flushed out. Honestly, I think a person can get inspiration from anything. If a movie or TV show can do it then definitely a game due to the more interactive nature. At least for me, I get more invested in games than stuff that I simply watch.

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  3. It’s all about immersion. Even the most generic narratives are elevated by our manipulation.

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    • Elevated by our imagination too. I always find myself wondering what goes on in the part of the game world that isn’t shown or explorable. Imagination lets us fill in the blanks in that game, and then lets us make our own worlds.

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