Wanted: Ideal Gaming Partner

They’re There through Thick and Thin

Imagine there was a site for people to meet their ideal gaming partner. We’re not necessarily talking about romantic partners here; we’re talking about a friend who’d love to play. I’d be looking for these things in that person:

  • They know that team killing is wrong. Ok, I might let this slide if they did something silly, like blowing me up with a bunch of firecrackers. Only in video games, right?
  • They can make sacrifices. For example, let’s say my bullet-ridden cover no longer suffices and bright red blotches cover my screen. My gaming partner would pop open their last health pack and share it. They wouldn’t hesitate. They’re not a lone wolf.
  • They’ll even help me play single player games. I’d appreciate getting help from someone who knew their stuff. And it’s fun to play while talking to someone who appreciates games.

And they should be a magic genie who can rub their bald head and grant me more time to play video games. And… And… Ah who am I kidding? It has to be a good friend who likes to play video games. For me, this is a rare person indeed.

What would you look for in an ideal gaming partner? Are you lucky enough to have someone like that already?



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15 responses to “Wanted: Ideal Gaming Partner

  1. An ideal gaming partner? Someone who’s able to put up with me thinking I know all the answers when it comes to puzzles, and screaming at anything in the horror genre. πŸ˜‰

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  2. An interesting question. I’d like my gaming partner to listen in co-op and pay attention to what I’m doing. That way I don’t find myself on the other side of the map in the correct position while my partner is off chasing a single grunt around the first village. Basically, I’d like them to at least attempt teamwork and focus.

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    • Yes, teamwork is so important to make co-op games fun. It might be tempting to be cynical about human nature here, but it is possible to find people who will good sports and play the game. Journey (PS3 and now PS4) was the best example of teamwork-in-action that I have played. In that game, you couldn’t even communicate with your partner, yet she/he and I finished the entire game.


  3. martianoddity

    My ideal gaming partner is my brother, but if he’s not around I really notice it when gaming. An ideal gaming partner is really rare, and if you get one make sure to treasure that person πŸ˜›

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  4. vahrkalla

    Ideal gaming partner? A wiki… LOL!

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  5. wallcat

    For me an ideal gaming partner is somebody who can work well as a team, takes pleasure in the challenge, is creative and likes to form strategies with me. Somebody who is reliable and doesn’t keep leaving the keyboard while you’re hanging around – although I understand that it can’t always be helped. I can put all that aside however, so long as they can do the same with their ego; I’m not so keen on players that feel the need to control everybody and demand it be done their way. I’ve tried playing with people that wouldn’t listen and always had to insist they were right even though others had more experience with the game. In the end I didn’t play as well with them and we failed a lot; I didn’t enjoy it and felt like my time had been wasted. On the reverse of that it’s nice if a more experienced player can be helpful and accommodating to you while you learn the ropes.


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