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I Miss the Super Mario Galaxy Games

I have much to say about why I love Super Mario Galaxy and the sequel. Tune in for my blog post next week. In the meantime, I want to hear from you. Do you love or hate the Super Mario Galaxy games and why?


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That One Video Game You Regret

The bright, shiny box beckons Sam to open it. She pauses and doesn’t act because she knows better than to judge a video game based on its cover. “Must look away,” she says to herself. But the game sends out rays of light that entrance her and make her dance with delight into the store.

Once inside the store, she has a moment of clarity when seeing herself in a mirror. She twists her face away in disgust. She don’t like what’s there. “That isn’t me. I’m too deep for a game that shallow,” she says to herself. And she believes it.

She believes until she finds herself paying and carrying the game out of the store. She’s holding the very object she swore to avoid at all costs, yet she pushes that uncomfortable thought to the back of her head. She moves forward with great strides and throws her nagging suspicions aside.  She is too euphoric to see straight.

Then she gets home, plays the game straight through and beats it. “Oh wait”, she says, “How did I ever end up buying this junk?”

The trance wears off, the rays disappear into the air and her mind is clear. Clutching a black controller in one hand and staring into space, Sam now asks herself “What was I thinking?”

Have you ever regretted buying a video game and what was your experience like?


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Be Fair When You Review Video Games

Play the video game from beginning to end!

Experience all that the game has to offer.

Understand what the game is about, how one plays it and what the developers intended.

Judge the work. Tell me why it is a good game or a bad game. Be fair.

Why should I care about this video game and your review? Why is this game significant, if at all?

How do you review video games?


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I Started This Game and I’m Finishing It!

I started this video game, and I’m finishing it.

I’m finishing come hell or high water.

I’m finishing in the face of rain, sleet or snow.

I’m finishing despite the weather service’s warning about an impending avalanche, tornado, tsunami and hurricane.

Meanwhile, an uncontrollable fire roars down the street, consuming all in its path. It doesn’t matter.

What’s worse, our neighbourhood just experienced a nuclear meltdown outside and the streets are empty.

And I’m thinking of other games I’d like to start playing now.

But I started this game, and I’m going to finish it before I start playing anything else.

Do you ever have the urge to start playing a second game before you’ve finished the first? How do you respond to this urge?


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If Video Game Characters Were Real & Had Personalities

Maybe we would spend time with video game characters if they were like people and had personalities. Maybe we would get to know them and grow old together. And maybe we could even play games with them.

I think that characters from shooting video games would probably be less popular. I mean, you would probably not befriend a violent psychopath, right? By contrast, we would probably still love Mario and think of him as being delightfully joyful. However, we’d probably be concerned about his magic mushroom consumption, and his influence on kids. Pikachu would probably remain just as loved if it were a real pet, albeit a highly dangerous one.

What do you think life would be like if video game characters were real and had personalities?


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How Do You Play?

Do you insist on playing at one o’clock in the morning? Do you play with your lucky left sock on? (I hope it’s clean). Tell me your idiosyncratic way of playing video games.

Update: I’m keeping busy, but I’m aiming to do shorter posts every week. I like this question and answer format. 🙂


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Wanted: Ideal Gaming Partner

They’re There through Thick and Thin

Imagine there was a site for people to meet their ideal gaming partner. We’re not necessarily talking about romantic partners here; we’re talking about a friend who’d love to play. I’d be looking for these things in that person:

  • They know that team killing is wrong. Ok, I might let this slide if they did something silly, like blowing me up with a bunch of firecrackers. Only in video games, right?
  • They can make sacrifices. For example, let’s say my bullet-ridden cover no longer suffices and bright red blotches cover my screen. My gaming partner would pop open their last health pack and share it. They wouldn’t hesitate. They’re not a lone wolf.
  • They’ll even help me play single player games. I’d appreciate getting help from someone who knew their stuff. And it’s fun to play while talking to someone who appreciates games.

And they should be a magic genie who can rub their bald head and grant me more time to play video games. And… And… Ah who am I kidding? It has to be a good friend who likes to play video games. For me, this is a rare person indeed.

What would you look for in an ideal gaming partner? Are you lucky enough to have someone like that already?



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