What Video Games Are You Playing?

Why did you choose that game or those games?


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11 responses to “What Video Games Are You Playing?

  1. Kariyanine

    I’m currently playing Days Gone. Mostly because I try to play the new games I’m interested in and Days Gone checks some of the right boxes.

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    • Good choice about Days Gone although I never have played it.

      The most recent game I have played would be Tales of Symphonia. It is a pretty good title. Its like a mix between a RPG and Pokemon due to the ability to capture select monsters.

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  2. I’m playing Fallout 4 because (1) I need to finish it and (2) exploring its grim open world is very addicting – there’s always some new place to find. I’m also playing Neverwinter, which I probably should have never started because I can’t stop! With all its classes and characters to try out, it’s loads of fantasy-driven fun with lots of cool gear to collect.

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  3. The Leisure Reader

    Octopath Traveler! The stories are so rich; the scenery is beautiful (doesn’t top Skyrim, but that’s for a different day.) I was also craving a turn-based RPG. Still not sure why, haha!

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  4. War Thunder is my current guilty pleasure. See, as a kid I loved to buy plastic aircraft and tank models, put them together and paint them. Now I can do the same for free (well, nearly). Sure, I enjoy all the flying and shooting, but the reason no. 1 I play WT is that sweet nostalgic feeling when I unlock a new camo pattern for my tank or a rare squadron badge for my plane.
    Besides, the game takes the whole “games need more diversity” slogan seriously. Sure, there are Brits, Americans, Germans, and Soviets there, but you can choose the Italian or French tree too, or flight a Romanian plane, or put the roundel of the Iranian Air Force on your machine. Gamers of the world, unite!

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  5. Dan

    Borderlands 2 because I just got the Handsome Collection for a steal on Xbox One X and it’s glorious on a TV in 4K HDR. So long PC!

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  6. GTA V. I play GTA for the story and not really all of the diversions which is probably somewhat unusual.

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  7. Right now I’m playing Pokemon Blue! I’ve been trying to play through more games this year, and while I have at least one Pokemon game from every generation, I’ve never completed any of them (sad, I know!). So I’m trying to remedy that starting at the beginning and working my way through the series šŸ™‚

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  8. Iā€™m playing Call Of Duty because I would like to see a little bit of what war is like. Currently too scared to go to war haha.

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  9. Recently I’ve been enthralled with Terraria again ever since the announcement of Journey’s End, but I hit a pretty solid brick wall since my craptop can no longer handle the on-screen chaos.

    I’ve also been engaging in the world of ROM hacks. I love the concept of taking an old favorite and making it new again, and the ROM hacking community does some excellent work with this.

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