Boldly Go Where No Video Game Has Gone Before

Which video game would you send into space if you could only choose one? Why did you choose that game?

Keep in mind: an advanced alien civilization may play this game to learn about us.


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8 responses to “Boldly Go Where No Video Game Has Gone Before

  1. AK

    GTA Vice City, in the hopes that the aliens would think we’re a bunch of psychopathic murderers and stay well away from us.

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    • This changed the way I am thinking about the question, now!

      I think the best game to send would be The Sims. That way, the aliens will think that the game _was_ them being fully in control of the human race, and then leave us the heck alone. There’s not any scenario I can come up with for when the aliens find us that doesn’t end in total annihilation, best keep them occupied!

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  2. The Otaku Judge

    Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball. It would encourage them to track us down and make first contact.

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  3. X-COM: Ufo Defense. With a save file including all alien autopsy pictures. In the name of the Emperor, make the xenos fear us!

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  4. Dead Space. Send those Xenomorphs (or whatever they’re called) back where they belong!

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  5. 🤔if I was feeling reckless, Civilisation. Let those alien critters learn the entire chain of human history and all our accomplishments, and more than likely the best spots to take out from orbit.

    Otherwise probably a Mass Effect title. Show how humans are great at stealing alien tech and taking it for their own.

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  6. Something like Goat Simulator that will simultaneously engross them and make them question why we used that as a form of entertainment.

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  7. The Mass Effect trilogy. Besides the fact that it’s a great series with a compelling story and endless replay value … I think any aliens who played this game would get a good laugh from seeing our ideas of space politics and alien lifeforms.

    Or maybe they would be unnerved by how close we are to the truth?

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