If Video Games Suddenly Disappeared from the Face of the Earth

What would you do?


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7 responses to “If Video Games Suddenly Disappeared from the Face of the Earth

  1. I’d go to the ear of the face of the earth and whisper, menacingly, Where my games?

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  2. Cry like Baby Mario in Yoshi’s Island. Nobody can resist that sound for long.

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  3. I’ll go and get them underground

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  4. That’s easy. I spend most of my money on tabletop gaming.


    • The Big Guy

      I just recently got into tabletop gaming (none of that monopoly stuff) and I have say that I really enjoy the experience! We live in such a digital age that it is nice to sit down and put away electronics and actually play a tabletop game with a board and physical pieces!

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  5. The Otaku Judge

    Fill the void by increasing the amount of comics, movies and anime I consume.

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