This Belongs in a Museum… or Art Gallery

What video game has the best art style and why?


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4 responses to “This Belongs in a Museum… or Art Gallery

  1. “So do you Dr Jones!”

    Uh…off the top of my head in terms of art style I would probably say something like Firewatch or games of that type. I did stop to pause during RDR2 at the landscapes but just feel as with all games that push the envelope of believable graphics they’ll age over the years. I loved Firewatch with its more simplistic tonal approach as looked visually impressive. Not necessarily technically the most realistic graphics but for the emotions they inspire, faultless.

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  2. Okami is one of the first answers that comes to my mind. The game is still gorgeous after all of these years. I really like some of the craft styles that Nintendo has done in Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Yoshi’s Woolly World as well. One other kind off the wall choice is Blazblue which has some of the coolest anime style characters I have ever seen in a game. That’s a few to chew on anyway but there are so many I would include 🙂

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  3. I love the look of Moonlighter & Children of Morta. They both have a unique art style that’s like a painting come to life. They’re also fantastic games too.

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  4. The Otaku Judge

    Journey and Cuphead get my vote. I haven’t played the latter, due to its difficulty, but the footage I have seen is great. I dig the retro cartoon look it pulls off.


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