What’s the First Thing That Pops into Your Mind…

when you think of video games?


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12 responses to “What’s the First Thing That Pops into Your Mind…

  1. Immersion. / pleasure / where is this damn*** joystick ( french use for this word !!!)

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  2. A lot of first times pop into my head, usually of games I wish I could forget everything about just to relive it again. You can connect a lot just with video games.

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  3. Peanut butter on crackers!

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  4. Super Mario Bros and the music. That is all it took to draw me in to the hobby!

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  5. martianoddity

    NES games with black backgrounds.

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  6. I usually think about my much beloved Super Nintendo and all the great games I played- all of which I still have today 🙂

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  7. LightningEllen

    Lightning Farron 🙂

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