Have You Learned Anything from Playing Video Games?

If so, what did you learn and how?


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11 responses to “Have You Learned Anything from Playing Video Games?

  1. Oh yes. I learned to be patient. Perfectionist. Inventive. Curious. Obstinate.
    I learned new worlds – as in God of wars.
    I learned that music played on my feelings.
    You learn millions of things by playing

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  2. AK

    I learned that if there’s an item, like say an e-tank, on a ledge that it looks like you can’t reach without dying but you try anyway, you’ll probably fall into a pit multiple times and lose all your lives. So take calculated risks, not stupid ones. I should thank Mega Man for teaching me this lesson, but I still kind of hate it for that.

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  3. I learnt critical thinking and problem solving, except maybe from Old Sierra adventure games where I learnt abstract thinking because of their sometimes crazy moon logic.

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  4. I learned patience and how to tell time. When I first played Shenmue, I had to teach myself how to read the analog watch and figure out where I needed to be at certain times.


  5. In a literal sense, I’ve learned uncountable bits of knowledge about history, arts, technology, warfare, hell, even forensics and battlefield surgery. I’m so sure the knowledge of how to sink a British tanker in April 1940 without losing any torpedoes will be useful in the future.
    What’s more important, playing video games helped me expand my vocabulary not just in English, but also Spanish, Italian and Russian.

    Speaking more metaphorically, games made me realise how important it is to have a fixed goal and pursue it with patience and persistence. Also, thanks to my hobby I learned to appreciate beauty in all things – arts, music, landscapes, people, and so on.

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  6. I’ve based my entire understanding of the law on Phoenix Wright games, so if I’m ever wrongly accused of a crime I should be able to save money on a “real” lawyer by defending myself

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  7. Minecraft taught me enough about geology to help me pass an Earth Science test in high school. 🙂

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  8. The Otaku Judge

    I learned that taking pills can save your life when navigating a haunted maze. Thank you Pac Man.


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