What’s the Craziest Dream You’ve Ever Had about Video Games?

What happened, and when did you find out it wasn’t real?


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8 responses to “What’s the Craziest Dream You’ve Ever Had about Video Games?

  1. I haven’t had crazy dreams about video games as much as I have dreams that play out like a bizarre video game plot. I’m going to copy paste you the weirdest one I had that I shared I’m Facebook a while back—

    Dude. I had the weirdest dream I’ve ever had in my life last night. This dream was not lucid and I kept alternating between being physically part of it and watching other “scenes” without being there. Okay, here we go…

    I was back in high school in class in one of those horrible tiny desk-chair combos. My teacher was my cute Spanish teacher from college, which was a plus. I was taking an exam about a video game I’ve been playing lately, Dead by Daylight. I was doing quite well, in fact, because I know way too much about that game.

    Then we got called to an emergency assembly and on the way I had to stop at the restroom. It was a male-female restroom with no stall walls, so the line of people waiting were watching people do their business. I took a pass on that one.

    At this point the scene changed and showed the city this was taking place in. It was a modern metro city with skyscrapers and stuff– and was surrounded closely by tall, natural rock structures inhabited by highly intelligent monkeys or lemurs (wasn’t clear).

    Korra from Legend of Korra was there and Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender was with her, and Toph was riding a large pterodactyl covered in armor. (I dunno, man.)

    Meanwhile back in the assembly at school, the assembly presentation was hijacked by a terrorist who said in a sinister voice that we had “a great challenge ahead of us.” Spooky.

    And then suddenly, a crazy, massive tsunami of snow and ice descended on the city and plunged the world into an ice age in a matter of about a minute. THEN then a modern southern confederate army filed into the streets out of nowhere and took full control of everything by force.

    Meanwhile I found myself hanging out with a chill soldier who was insisting on shaving my arms. (Curse my Sicilian fur!) I said I would prefer he didn’t. He said he agreed but that he had orders. His name was Logan and he was very nice.

    Meanwhile the confederate army was putting the Prince of the City to death and making a spectacle of it by dangling him from the tallest building in the city, which happened to be a Trump tower.

    Korra and her friends are trying to take back control of the city, but the usurper army kidnapped her polarbear dog! This was a problem. I was with her and we were being chased by confederate soldiers on snow skis through the frozen tundra outside the city. She used water bending to seal us inside a cave for protection.

    While this was happening, nice soldier Logan had decided to lead a rebellion and the city fell into chaos. The army captured him and were recovering from battle when the local monkey-lemur population had enough of all the ruckus and went bananas. They freed Logan and Korra’s polarbear dog and proceeded to oust the offending army from the city in short order by sheer numbers.

    It was at this point that I realized that all of this was actually a new TV show I was watching, and I was totally hooked.


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  2. When I was a kid, one of my favourite games was Close Combat 3: Eastern Front. I spent entire hours playing it, mostly as the German army, so I guess it was inevitable that I had a dream about it. Nothing special, just a short movie-like sequence. In the dream, I was crossing a meadow in the middle of the summer with other guys wearing colourful SS camo. Suddenly, Soviet mortars started shooting and we were in the open, no cover at all, so people screamed and died, I could hear the incoming shells, and suddenly got hit by one of them. I swear I could feel the physical pain from shrapnel tearing my dream body apart, and then I suddenly woke up.
    Here comes the crazy part. When I played CC3 some time later, having completely forgotten the dream, a squad of my heavy troopers was ambushed in the same situation (Summer map, a meadow, mortar attack) and two of them got killed. Seems that I’ve predicted the future. Sometimes my brain just scares me.

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  3. I dreamed I was playing Minesweeper. Of all things.

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  4. When I was younger, I owned Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic 3D on the Mega Drive, but I never owned Sonic Spinball. Possibly due to it’s absence from my collection, I have always been intrigued by Sonic Spinball and consider it a fairly mysterious game. One night, I dreamed I was playing the game and was progressing quite far through it. Because the dream was so vivid, I became convinced that I actually owned it so that, when I woke in the morning, I ran to where I kept my Mega Drive to look at it. When I reached my collection of computer games, I was disappointed to find that I still did not own a copy of the game and had only dreamt that I had played it.

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