Do You Play Video Games When You’re Sick?

Or do you sleep all day and wallow in self-pity?


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7 responses to “Do You Play Video Games When You’re Sick?

  1. No wallowing in self-pity for me. It’s gaming all the way.


  2. Oh yes, it takes your mind of the sickness.
    Better to play “turn based” games than “fast button mashing” games though.
    Sometimes I pass out from Nyquil and wake up in a pool of my own drool spiddle.


  3. I always try. Sometimes it’s all good, and sometimes the sickness is too much.


  4. I think it depends on the sickness. This was something my parents always got frustrated at me for: playing when I’m sick. Because, in their logic, if i’m well enough to play games, I’m well enough to go to school or work. However I feel that play video games requires different things out of you then going about your life elsewhere. For example, if I have a really bad cold, I won’t want to be a bother or share that with other people at work or school, however I can still play a game on the computer because it doesn’t require me to move much and I’m at home in a comfortable place where if I need anything I can stop and go get that. If I have something more severe, like stomach flu or something, then no I’m going to be sleeping and away from games all day. So I’m gonna stick with saying it depends.

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    • Same here. If it’s just a cold and light fever, I like to play certain types of games because my head feels light and it alters my perception, creating a new type of gaming experience – I guess this is why some people like listening to music on drugs hehe. Obviously, when the sickness makes me too tired and even looking at the screen feels like a chore, I prefer to stay in bed and wallow in righteous rage. Yeah, being sick gets me simply mad because it feels like a terrible waste of time.


  5. Depends on the game. If I’m just kerfuffling around on Red Dead Redemption II, then yeah, I’ll play when I’m sick. But if it’s something like Doom, where my eyes need to be glued to the screen and my attention riveted, I’ll hold off for a bit.


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