How I Got My Dose of Video Games Today

I couldn’t be bothered to pick up a controller, so I typed this post instead.


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4 responses to “How I Got My Dose of Video Games Today

  1. AK

    You might say writing itself is a form of gaming if you only look at it the right way.

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  2. What the heck, Adam. Did you all ready give up? Write, write, write!

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    • No, I’ll never give up writing! I love it, and I hope to publish some stories one day. You’re interested to read more of my posts? I’m flattered.

      Time has been flying by lately, and I just needed a break. I met my girlfriend, threw myself into my cooking — though not into the pot HA! — and have been reading. Also, I felt less inspired.

      I feel the urge to come back but keep putting it off. I also feel a little bad for disappearing without mentioning that I was taking a break. I don’t like to go out without a whimper. I’m coming back.

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