My Friend is a Box

I pressed the button.

You came to life…

or you woke up from a deep sleep…

or a thawing-out from a summer hibernation caused by a lack of play.

Remember how there was nothing for you to do but sleep during those summer doldrums? But now…

Hot air and electricity flow through your veins (read: circuits).

A whirring noise, some clattering and stuttering meant you were getting to work.

It also meant a dust, built up for months while you sat there untouched, filled the room and clogged my nose and eyes.

The dust storm was a small price to pay: an image flickered on screen.

Time was dead.

We must have played for hours and hours without end before we both went to sleep.

Then I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And all is well, all is right with the world now that I’ve had time to play.

I’m ready to be who I am, and I am at my best.

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