I Can’t Quit You, Game

I glued myself to the couch from the moment the images flickered on screen.

Outside night was starting to cover everything across the land. Inside, I felt like someone had locked me in a reinforced concrete bunker with a dying light petering through a crack in the wall. Note: that’s a fun reinforced concrete bunker. Or maybe some accident left me stuck in an elevator with no means of escape. Hmmm wait, no, it couldn’t be that one. That’s no fun.

The fun started after I picked up the controller. When I started playing, the clock “ding donged” three times. Then time flew by so fast that the hands fell off the clock and landed, as I later discovered, on the floor.

Suddenly, the rooster crowed and the light from outside blinded me.  One minute I picked up the controller at night and the next minute the sun pushed through the crack to light up everything around me. The shower and food that I needed yesterday had faded away from my memory. “How could that have happened?” I asked myself.

I guess it was because I wanted more, more of the same. Sure, it sounds like an awfully long time, but awful had nothing to do with it. For I was playing a video game.


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6 responses to “I Can’t Quit You, Game

  1. Loved days like that. Usually involved an RPG of some kind.

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  2. Nicely written!

    I love days like those.

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  3. Perfect way to describe what it feels like when you find a great game! Recently, I’ve been ripping through Until Dawn

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