How Do You Play?

Do you insist on playing at one o’clock in the morning? Do you play with your lucky left sock on? (I hope it’s clean). Tell me your idiosyncratic way of playing video games.

Update: I’m keeping busy, but I’m aiming to do shorter posts every week. I like this question and answer format. 🙂


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8 responses to “How Do You Play?

  1. martianoddity

    I play whenever I have time to, and try to desperately get as much out of it as I can. Usually in short bursts, and more commonly on handhelds on the train.

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  2. drakulus23

    I have four kids so I tend to play after I put them down to bed. I do sneak some 3DS time in throughout my day though.

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    • Ah that’s good to hear it’s still possible to play and raise kids. 🙂 Seems handhelds are more popular than I thought.


      • drakulus23

        Handheld gaming is probably my favorite form of gaming at the moment. I like that I can play just about anywhere I want. If I’m not on my 3DS I’m most likely on my PC or Wii U. My Xbox doesn’t get much attention these days.

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        • Yeah I like the idea of handheld gaming, but I always find myself so engrossed in something that I don’t have use for a handheld. And then when I do have the time for video games, I’m usually at home and turn on my PC or PlayStation.

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          • drakulus23

            I have yet to find a reason to own a Playstation console. Haven’t since the PS2.

            Handheld gaming is really strong this year with great titles like Yo Kai Watch, Monster Hunter 4, Super Smash Bros, and more.

            I’ll admit that I didn’t think I would use my 3DS that often when I first got it, but I was wrong. I use it more than my Xbox One.

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            • I missed out on the PS2, and I wanted to at least experience the PS3. I think that, although I had a great time with that console, I will be mostly playing video games on my PC. I don’t think PCs are better. It’s just that I have made a good investment in my machine and might as well use it.

              Yes, I love Nintendo’s games and 3DS. Their games look great, but I just can’t see myself buying a handheld when I have a system and a PC to play. And I don’t commute often. Anyways, that’s just me.


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