Video Game Characters Talk to Me

Imagine video game characters suddenly appear in our world. They still have all of their powers, talents and they look the same. But now they speak English, and they have something to say. Here’s what they told me when I bumped into them:

Pikachu: “Plug me in! I need to recharge.”

Bowser: “Get me a breath mint. I smell like burnt hair.”

Kirby: “Sorry I inhaled all your food. It was an accident; I swear.”

What did video game characters say to you?


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15 responses to “Video Game Characters Talk to Me

  1. Adam Jenson to a waiter: “I didn’t ask for this”

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  2. The Otaku Judge

    Link: “Let’s not eat at KFC. Harming chickens never ends well.”

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  3. Captain Martin Walker: “Hey, let’s have a trip to Dubai, it will be fun!!!”*

    Niko Bellic : “I told you we should’ve stayed in Eastern Europe. This ain’t no country for Slavic men”.

    Seriously, most of my player characters would probably call me bloody bastard for all the suffering I’ve put them through. Not to mention that I would be scared to death if I met my evil PCs, like a certain child-slaughtering, slave-driving Chosen One from Fallout 2…

    *Actually, since I picked up the True Ending, the Captain would rather pat me on the back and thank me for helping him discovering the beauty of life and eternal war. Beyond good and evil, indeed.

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  4. Link: …Erm …”the bank”…?

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  5. vahrkalla

    Solid Snake: ‘?!’

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  6. lightningnightnova

    As long as Link leaves Navi behind, I’d actually enjoy having a chat with him.

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  7. Toad: I’m sorry but your video game reference is in another post.

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